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Prices 2023


Here we are with our 2023 Prices.


Solemar Academy has been accepted by the prestigious ASILS (Italian language Schools Association) and EDUITALIA: this means ongoing quality assurance (click here for more details).


Before choosing the course it might be useful for you to have a look to the description of the Italian courses. If you want to organize a group (min. 6 participants) you might be eligible for some extra discount, so please send us an email indicating the number of students and the period. We will reply asap.


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Italian Language Group Courses

1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 WeeksExtra Weeks
Standard Course
20 units per week*
€ 210,00€ 410,00€ 600,00€ 790,00€ 170,00
Combined Course
20 group units/week + 5 individual/week*
€ 360,00€ 710,00€ 1050,00€ 1390,00€ 320,00
Intensive Course
20 + 10 group units/week*
€ 360,00€ 710,00€ 1050,00€ 1390,00€ 320,00

Individual Italian Classes

1 unit10 units
One to One Lesson€ 35,00€ 320,00
One to Two Lesson€ 25,00€ 225,00

Online Italian Courses

Skype Course€ 250,00
E-Learning Course€ 120,00

Study and Work Programs

Italian and Volunteering
2 + 2 weeks
€ 860,00
Learning while Working
4+4 weeks
€ 1550,00

Club 50+

Standard Course + Leisure activities

(course + 5 leisure activities)
2 weeks
25.03.23 – 08.04.23
21.10.23 – 04.11.23
€ 700,00

Italian Cultural Programs

ATTUALITA' ITALIANA - daily readings of newspaper, debates, social and political topics€ 75,00
MAFIA E ANTIMAFIA - stories, readings, videos and testimonies about the phenomenon € 75,00
MUSICA e CANTAUTORI - listenings, lyrics analysis and debates about italian "cantautori"€ 75,00
CINEMA ITALIANO - watching of videos, movies, interviews about Italian cinema€ 75,00
RACCONTI D'ITALIA - literature, tales, stories, poetry, and legends about Italian history € 75,00

CELI EXAM Training Course

One to One
(10 units per week)
(Standard + 10 units One to One per week)
2 weeks€ 740,00€ 1050,00
3 weeks€ 1060,00€ 1560,00
4 weeks€ 1380,00€ 2070,00
5 weeks€ 1700,00€ 2560,00
6 weeks€ 2020,00€ 3050,00

Included in the price









Important to know

Inscription fee:

€50,00 for adults, €25,00 for students

Duration of a unit:

45 minuts

When lessons are held:

Mornings Monday to Friday (in some cases, individual courses can be moved to afternoons)

School Year:

We are open all year. In December, January and February, we typically do only individual courses. Leisure activities are not guaranteed

Free time activities:

the leisure activities calendar is shown to students on Monday mornings during the coffee break. Activities are only confirmed once the required minimum number of participants has been reached

Lesson units of standard courses:

when there are not at least 4 students in a class, the daily lesson units are reduced to:
2-3 students = 3 units per day
1 student = 2 units per day

Units of lessons for intensive courses:

if there is only one student registered for an “intensive” course, this course is automatically converted into a “combined” course.

In this case, the student who has booked the “intensive” course as a Bildungsurlaub will be assigned extra daily activities to do independently after classes to reach the hours required to complete the educational leave

School Holidays:

Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, 1st May and 15th August.

Any group lessons missed on public holidays will be recovered during the rest of the week.