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Solemar Academy is delighted to be able to offer a vast range of accommodation options in Cefalu.  We have heard time and time again from our students, over the years, that one of the biggest factors in their choice of school is the space they will be calling home during their studies, and we are delighted every time we hear that they chose us precisely because we are able to offer exactly the type of accommodation they are looking for.

We have, in fact, decades of experience in this field thanks to our ‘parent company’ Solemar Sicilia, which manages beautiful holiday homes throughout the whole of Sicily. If you are considering to buy a property in Sicily, we can also offer our services. Have a look to our brand new website: Property in Sicily

Here in Cefalù we have worked tirelessly to find a range of accommodation that, in our experience, provides a quality option for the needs of almost any student.





Sharing accommodation is the ideal choice to make friends here. The rooms are located either in Villa Caterina or in the immediate vicinity. We offer single and double rooms (which can only be booked as a couple).



Each apartment has a bathroom, a kitchen, a common living area, a terrace or balcony and two or three bedrooms. All guests can enjoy open access to the garden of Villa Caterina, where you can take advantage of shaded spaces, a solarium, a vegetable garden, an chicken run and duckpond (and if you are lucky, even fresh eggs), fruit trees and a large lawn where you can relax. In the garden you will also find a drinking water fountain, a ping pong table and beach equipment.

Every apartment includes a TV, a washing machine, air conditioning, wireless internet, and everything you need for a comfortable stay of any length.



The shared accommodations are located in the upper part of the city (see map). The beautiful old town centre is just a 10 minute walk away. The road back is uphill but shouldn’t present a problem to anyone used to moving around on foot. Solemar Academy Italian language school is just 900m away.



Single room: €220 per week (high season €260/week)

Double room: €160 per week per person (high season €200/week)

* NB. Electricity not included and is priced at € 0.50 Kw/h (average weekly consumption is € 5-10)





Solemar Academy is thrilled to offer 3 brand new mini apartments in the heart of the historic old town of Cefalù. These are tastefully furnished studios and are absolutely ideal for those looking for functional accommodation at reasonable prices.



All three apartments are the same size (approximately 25m2) and furnished in similar style. Each is complete with everything you could need for a medium or long stay, including a double bed, a wardrobe, a small kitchenette with two burners, a washing machine, a bathroom with shower, air conditioning and a balcony.



These three mini-apartments are located in at number 29 Via Porto Salvo, in a perfect spot 50m from the Cathedral square and just 100m from the sea.

Near the house there are some pretty popular bars (especially at weekends), restaurants, mini markets and of course the sea. The old town has very restricted access for cars and other motor vehicles, making these the perfect option for those looking for a quiet, car-free holiday. Cefalù train station is about 600m away and the Solemar Academy Italian language school is only a 10 minute walk though the picturesque cobbled streets or along the glorious seafront.



Single occupancy: €60 per night (high season €80)

Double occupancy: €80 per night (high season €90)





accommodation in cefalu

Villa Caterina is a beautiful, unique structure overlooking Cefalù. Built in the post-war period by a well-known local builder (Mastro Nino), it is characterised by a number of very interesting architectural elements which echo the Art Nouveau style (see the turreted tower). The gorgeous garden is about 2000 square metres. There is a large English lawn, a solarium, several areas to relax in, spaces for children, a chicken run and duck pond, three small vegetable gardens, fruit trees and a spectacular sea view.



The Villa has 6 apartments, each fully independent. Ever yone features a kitchen, a living room, one or two bedrooms, a terrace and all the accommodations are complete with furnishings designed also for long stays. Each house has its own washing machine and all bedrooms have air conditioners (heating and cooling). There are also TV with satellite connection and the Villa is covered with free Wifi. Finally, we have a fountain in the garden with free drinking water.



The Villa is located outside the old town, on the slopes of the Rocca and ten minutes on foot from the town centre. Staying outside the centre has numerous advantages, in particular peace and quiet, and access to free off-road parking.

In the immediate area of the Villa there is an excellent pizzeria (Il Girotondo). Some supermarkets in the centre of Cefalù offer a free shopping delivery service, meaning that you don’t even have to worry about carrying the bags yourself to the Villa.

Solemar Academy Italian language school is only a kilometre away.


Dimension: 55 m2
Sleeping: 2


Dimension: 45 m2
Sleeping: 2


Dimension: 45 m2
Sleeping: 2


Dimension: 75 m2
Sleeping: 5


Dimension: 65 m2
Sleeping: 4

VILLA CATERINA PRICES (weekly rates, electricity not included € 0.50Kw/h)
PeriodoAmbra - Openspace - FeliziaZora - Costanza
28.10.23 - 22.03.24€ 420,00€ 510,00
23.03.24 - 26.04.24€ 500,00€ 600,00
27.04.24 - 21.06.24€ 630,00€ 750,00
22.06.24 - 02.08.24€ 700,00€ 800,00
03.08.24 - 23.08.24€ 880,00€ 950,00
24.08.24 - 27.09.24€ 720,00€ 780,00
28.09.24 - 25.10.24€ 590,00€ 640,00
26.10.24 - 28.03.25€ 440,00€ 520,00





Casa Trappitu is a beautiful holiday home in the historic old town of Cefalù. The house has a single large room which is split on two levels. It’s an ideal choice for single travellers or couples.



The apartment is about 50 square metres found on the second floor of a historic building on Via Bordonaro. Casa Trappitu is equipped with a kitchenette, two bathrooms, a comfortable lounge with sofa and small balcony and a double bed on the upper floor. Furnished in a simple but functional way, it also offers a washing machine and Wifi.



Casa Trappitu is located in the historic centre of Cefalù, on Via Bordonaro. Directly below the apartment is an array of excellent restaurants and nearby bars. The nearest beach is a pebble’s throw away (just a few metres) and it’s only 850m to Solemar Academy Italian language school. Being in the heart of this charming town brings numerous advantages but one must keep in mind the fact that vehicle access to the entire centre is heavily restricted and there are no parking spaces are offered here. Another consideration with such central location is that while Cefalù is not central Milan you may find slightly more noise floating up from the streets than you would find in the newer parts of town.





Casa XXV Novembre is a beautiful apartment in the historic old town of Cefalù. The house can be found, appropriately enough, in Via XXV Novembre just 50m from Piazza Duomo. The apartment is on the second floor of a building – please note that there is no lift.



Casa XXV Novembre measures about 35m2 and features a bathroom, a small living room with kitchen, a double bedroom, a small second bedroom with a single bed and a large terrace with sea view. Being a loft apartment, the roofs are pitched and in some parts of the house the ceiling is relatively low. But though the internal spaces are not enormous, the terrace is spacious and truly enviable. Very few houses in Cefalù can boast such a large and beautiful outdoor space. The furnishings are in a simple but practical, and the fittings include a washing machine and Wifi.



Casa XXV Novembre is located in Via XXV Novembre, just above some of the best restaurants in Cefalù and close to several small grocery stores. It’s just 100m from the iconic Arab-Norman Cathedral, and Solemar Academy Italian language school is under a kilometre away. This is an ideal option for those planning a car-free travel, as access to motor vehicles is heavily restricted in the old town centre.  Parking is available for a fee in the new town.

PRICES OF CASA TRAPPITU E XXV NOVEMBRE (weekly rates, electricity not included € 0.50Kw/h)
PeriodoCasa TrappituCasa XXV Novembre
28.10.23 - 22.03.24€ 460,00€ 490,00
23.03.24 - 26.04.24€ 520,00€ 560,00
27.04.24 - 21.06.24€ 610,00€ 690,00
22.06.24 - 02.08.24€ 700,00€ 740,00
03.08.24 - 23.08.24€ 800,00€ 880,00
24.08.24 - 27.09.24€ 720,00€ 780,00
28.09.24 - 25.10.24€ 590,00€ 640,00
26.10.24 - 28.03.25€ 460,00€ 490,00





The Hotel Villa Belvedere is a three-star hotel very close to the historic old town of Cefalù. The hotel is family-run and offers an excellent balance of price and amenities.



The Villa Belvedere hotel is a historic hotel in Cefalù. The structure is very well maintained and offers private parking, a large swimming pool, a panoramic terrace and complimentary breakfast. Our students have often told us that they have found the staff extremely friendly and professional. The rooms are simple and practical, and the value is excellent for the service offered.

The Hotel Villa Belvedere is the ideal solution for those looking for hotel accommodation that won’t break the bank.

We have enjoyed an excellent partnership with this hotel for several years, especially with language study trips for groups of all ages from high school to adult.



The Hotel Villa Belvedere is located just above the new town of the city of Cefalù, just 800m from Solemar Academy Italian language school.



Room prices vary (based on the time of year) from €50 to €90 per night for a single room. They all include a good breakfast and free access to the lovely swimming pool.