Language Study Trips to Italy – Cultural Visits – Learn Italian in Italy

Group study trips to Italy

Over the years we have built up at Solemar Academy a wealth of experience in organizing Italian language residencies for all ages. We regularly host groups of secondary school students, groups from universities and groups aged 50+.

Many group leaders will make the mistake of overlook Sicily as a destination for language trips in Italy. Some are uncertain whether they will encounter Italian or the local dialect spoken in Sicily. However, have no fear, in Sicily we definitely speak Italian and Sicily is the perfect spot for your study holiday in Italy.

We’re very familiar with the needs of both the participants and those who accompany them, and we know that there are two essential things to get right which make our clients happy:


✔︎ Speeding up communication while the study trip is being organised (for us getting this right is a real badge of honour, we always try to respond within a few hours).


✔︎ Being as flexible as possible in organising the travel programme (below you will find some suggested plans. There are just an indication of what we can offer, we will work with you to design the perfect package for your group’s needs).


At Solemar Academy we do everything we can to offer the highest quality language study trips, but the commitment we can offer is certainly backed up by our surroundings here. Cefalù really is a dream destination for language and cultural study abroad for young people, adults and seniors.

We’re not just blowing our own trumpet, we really do hear this feedback all the time from our students, a huge number of whom become regular visitors.

Sicily is becoming ever more popular with travellers. The winning formula for this region is a combination of its climate, the concentration of natural and artistic beauties, affordable prices and the good connections it has with many major international airports.




Language Holidays in Italy?  Cefalù is the answer you’ve been looking for

Cefalù is located just a few kilometres from Palermo in the direction of Messina. It’s a seaside resort with a gorgeous beach and a crystal clear sea. In Cefalù we are lucky enough to have lots of green too, because we are a part of the Madonie Natural Park. Finally, we have a long artistic and cultural tradition, whose undoubted highlight is the famous Arab-Norman Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Cefalù’s greatest advantage as a group language destination is size of the place. Everything is within walking distance and the historic centre is closed to traffic. The city is also very clean and there is a total absence of crime.


While Cefalù enjoys the advantages of having a cosy centre (ease of getting both around and to know people, safety), it also has the benefits of a larger population (good public transport connections, infrastructure, modern tourist services and a rich programme of cultural events).


Whether you are considering accompanying a group of high school students, or of bringing a group aged 50+, Cefalù is what you need. Modesty notwithstanding, we are certain that we know well the concerns or fears which can emerge when planning a trip of this nature:


● The participants do not want to spend all day on public transport to meet, take their Italian courses or go on excursions;

● Students want to stay in a place where they can feel at home, a place which feels hospitable and easy to discover;

● Everyone must feel safe, even in the absence of the group leader.


As we have said before, Cefalù fully meets all these needs and also offers other advantages:


✔︎ In under 30 minutes by bus you can visit the beautiful villages of the Madonie mountains, witness Mount Etna from afar and organise incredible walks and treks in the woods;

✔︎ In under 45 minutes by bus you can visit the secret Archaeological Park of Solunto (a so-called ‘secret’ in that it is overlooked by most of the larger scale tour operators, but a site which genuinely compares with Pompeii and Herculaneum);

✔︎ With a 1-hour train ride you can find yourself Palermo with its Arabian soul, its Art Nouveau buildings, its baroque churches and its roaring street food scene;

✔︎ In less than 2 hours at sea you can reach the Aeolian Islands for a UNESCO World Heritage tour.


If you are curious and want to get the full lowdown on Cefalù, then take a look at this page.




Language travel in Italy? Sicily offers the most of any Italian region

We know very well that certain stereotypes of Sicily still linger abroad but at the end of the day these are precisely that: stereotypes. If you have made it this far, you’re interested in looking beyond these, and curious to know why Sicily is the destination of the moment and why your students will remain enthusiastic about their language stay in Sicily. Congratulations!

Sicily has an ancient history which is the envy of the world. Few people realise this but in Sicily there are some of the best preserved Greek temples in existence (according to the this article from the international press!).


Halfway between Cefalù and Catania there is another priceless treasure, the villa of a Roman Emperor: La Villa Romana del Casale. The mosaics in this building are absolutely astonishing: for the quality, for the scale of the works and for their remarkable subjects (there are even mosaics of women in bikinis playing volleyball!).


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Staying with the theme of history, it is worth mentioning the incredible traces of the baroque era which remain in Sicily. At Castelbuono, for example, there is a small baroque church covered with figures of monstrous angels (a recurrent theme in the Baroque) and in the crypt there is a special relic: the skull of Saint Anne (Sant’Anna), the GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS!!!


Sicily is a natural paradise. In addition to the endless beaches, it’s worth saying a couple of words about the mountains. A day trip to visit the highest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, is definitely called for – or in similar vein, you could opt for a boat trip to visit the world’s most active volcano, Stromboli.


Food and street food: in this area we really do know that we’re second to none! Sicilian cuisine is a heady blend of different Mediterranean food cultures with touches of the Arabic. What makes our dishes unique is the genuine produce which goes into them – in fact here we don’t really have the concept of industrial production. If the members of your study holiday group love street food, then go straight to the Ballarò Market in Palermo. Cazzilli, Stigghiole, Panelle, Panini con la Milza and boiled octopus will be just the beginning of a healthy and delicious traditional feast. Alternatively, we’ll have absolutely no problem organising cookery classes or demonstrations by cooks of modern Italian cuisine for your students to enjoy.


For an overview of the numerous excursions we offer at the Solemar Academy during language trips and for our Italian students, you can take a look at the Leisure Time page for language trips in Italy.


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A sub-tropical climate for cultural travel experiences where it’s always sunny (almost)

Sicily is the Italian region with the highest number of sunny days per year (around 300). But we’ll be truthful, yes, occasionally it does rain too. At least this way we’re not living in a desert, but rather we find ourselves blessed with a beautifully green region that has the ideal conditions for growing tropical fruit.



To choose the best period for our language holiday in Italy, have a think about the variations in climate throughout the different seasons and choose according to your expectations. To avoid confusion, we aren’t going to divide the year into the traditional seasons in the traditional way but to split it in our own way:


From the beginning of March to the middle of May the days are generally beautiful, nature is very verdant and colourful. Temperatures will be around 20 degrees. This will drop a bit at night but you won’t have to pack your winter jackets, guaranteed. Nature excursions, mountain walks and village tours will all be winning choices to fill the afternoons of your study holiday.


From May to the end of September we experience torrid heat, African temperatures and breaks from the sun are few and far between. In fact in recent years it has also rained sometimes during this season – and we have been grateful for it! The most popular activities through this period are always close to water: boat trips, excursions to the Aeolian islands, barbecuing by the river.


From October to December, however, the days get shorter and above all the colours change. Greens and autumn shades begin to return. Unlike the Nordic countries, the temperature remains stationary at 20-25 degrees almost until Christmas. In these months the range of activities is at its widest because they combine those of the early year and of the summer months. In fact, going to the beach and swimming can remain a part of the daily routine into early November.




Sicily, an easy region to reach

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In recent years, Sicily has come to the fore with an influx of tourism. The increases have been close to 10% per year, a figure which has amazed everyone.


The reasons are numerous but certainly demonstrate a growing appeal, for an ever wider audience.

Reaching Sicily has never been cheaper or easier. The airport in Palermo now connects to the most important European capitals, and Catania airport does the same.  In particular they now offer direct connections with the UK.

If you organize your Italian language study trip on your own, then you can look for the transport options that best fit your needs on this site.


Google Flights


You can also ask us, we are always happy to give you many different tips.

Once you arrive in Sicily, you’ll be happy not to see the rather extravagant fairy tales of precarious infrastructures. Rather, the motorway system connects all the most important destinations and we will always be on hand to help organize your study holiday as efficiently as possible.




Why is Solemar Academy such a great school for group study trips?

First of all because Solemar, despite being a boutique school, has a long experience in hosting and organizing trips for groups to study Italian in Italy. Every year a large number of Austrian schoolchildren, groups of students from various northern European universities and American 50+ groups choose our Italian school over all others for their group trips (if you would like some references, please do write to us and we will be happy to put you in touch).



Another aspect to consider is the quality we guarantee to every one of our students. The teaching method we use adapts to the needs of each one. We know very well that what students are looking for is the ability to communicate, and to learn to express concepts in a simple and intuitive way. Our team of Italian teachers always has this element as their guiding principle. The effectiveness of our courses is also guaranteed by the fact that we are part of the ASILS Association which periodically requires the school is required to pass strict quality controls.


We speak fluent English and in our team there are native speakers of English, German, Russian and French. You can be sure not to find any language barrier!


We really have fun designing programmes of leisure activities which are always fresh and engaging. We have a wide variety of excursions, activities and trips suitable for all ages and available all year round for a truly creative language holiday in Italy.




Estimated Pricing for Group Trips

Language trips for school children and young students

1 week Italian course: 20 units per week in groups, maximum of 10 students per class.


Excursions: Semi-serious guided tour of Cefalù, tour of Palermo, Etna & Taormina, Cost to Coast boat trip, treasure hunt.


Accommodation: double, triple and quadruple rooms in a 3-star hotel with swimming pool and breakfast included.


Extra services: Transportation to/from Palermo airport, School insurance, 24 hour assistance, Final video

Price: from € 500.00 per student

Language stays for university students and adults

2-week Italian course: 20 units per week in groups, maximum of 8 students per class.


Excursions: Semi-serious guided tour of Cefalù, barbecue by the Pollina River and soft rafting, Sicilian craft beer tasting, Markets of Palermo tour, Visit to the Solunto Archaeological Park, Cost to Coast boat tour, pizza night.


Accommodation: Shared rooms in Villa Caterina or alternatively shared rooms in a 3-star hotel with breakfast included and pool.


Extra services: Transportation to/from Palermo airport, School insurance, 24 hour assistance, Final video

Price: from € 720.00 per participant

Language stays for groups aged 50+

2-week Italian course: 20 units per week in groups, maximum of 8 students per class.


Excursions: Semi-serious guided tour of Cefalù, wine tasting in an historic cellar, Markets of Palermo tour and shopping, Hidden Sicily, Visit of the Archaeological Park of Agrigento “Valley of the Temples”, Boat trip to the Aeolian Islands, Sicilian cookery course, farewell dinner .


Accommodation: Shared rooms in Villa Caterina or alternatively shared rooms in a 3-star hotel with breakfast included and pool.


Extra services: Transportation to/from Palermo airport, School insurance, 24 hour assistance, Final video

Price: from € 770.00 per participant


Are you a group leader, Italian teacher or school principal? Do you want to organize a language study trip in Italy? Write to us and we will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours!