Teacher training seminars – Language school in Sicily

Teacher training seminars


Ongoing training is fundamental for all operators in the field of education. We at Solemar Academy devote a lot of energy to keeping our teachers up to date, and we are proud to get the always positive feedback from our students about the quality of teaching.

Once a year our team devotes itself for several days to investigating new methods and teaching techniques.

This training course has a seminar approach and outside experts participate in order to give us the latest news on the teaching and learning activities.

La glottodidattica é in continuo mutamento e pertanto siamo consci che momenti come questi rappresentino elementi indispensabili per garantire percorsi di insegnamento di qualitá.

The seminar is also open to the public and is a very useful tool for those who wish to take the DILS-PG exam for teaching Italian.



Program (partial) of the seminar:


  • Common European Framework – objectives and levels
  • Linguistic theories and teaching Italian
  • Communicative approach and inductive method
  • Professional tools and methods for teachers
  • Analysis and design of learning materials and use of materials
  • Laboratory of language teaching
  • Updates on evaluation standards and language certificates
  • DILS-PG Certifications
  • CELI Certifications