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Solemar Academy is proud to offer several scholarships and bursaries for numerous deserving students each year. These are divided into three categories.




With the first category “Long term study bursaries” we aim to help with medium-long term language learning stays. Solemar Academy already has a much cheaper price list than many other Italian schools in Italy. However, we know that a decisive element in choosing the timing and destination of a visit is the cost of the accommodation. On this front we absolutely understand the difficulties presented by a popular tourist destination such as Cefalù. Finding cheap accommodation for medium-long stays is not easy.

For this reason we have decided to address the problem and help all students who would like to study the Italian language at our school by offering even more competitive prices.


Bursary description: if you would like to study the Italian language at our school and book a course of at least 4 weeks, we will offer you a bursary off the price of a single room in a shared apartment and a standard course. (If you would prefer to follow a different course, we would be very happy to provide you with a tailored quotation via email).


Requirements: Book accommodation and a course concurrently for a period of at least 4 weeks.


Deadline: Book by December 31st


€ 1340,-

4 weeks of Standard Course and single room
* between October and May *

(previously € 1720,-)


€ 1640,-

4 weeks of Standard Course and single room
* between June and September *

(previously € 1880,-)



Over the years our Italian School has built solid partnerships with prestigious Italian schools overseas, with the Italian Cultural Institutes and with the Dante Alighieri schools.

Ongoing study of Italian at these high quality institutions is a key element of the language journey that we value highly and are always delighted to support! For this reason, if you are a student in one of these institutions, you can contact their administration department or search on your school’s website and find details of how to apply for this scholarship.

If you regularly attend an Italian course at a high quality school with which Solemar does not yet have an ongoing partnership, please let us know or ask the school’s Director to contact us. We would be delighted to discuss the possibility of a new collaboration.


Description of Partner School Scholarships: Students at partner schools of the Solemar Academy may be able to take advantage of a scholarship awarded by their institution. Specifically, we offer the following packages:

– 100% Scholarship: one week of the standard Italian course completely free
– 50% Bursary: 50% discount off the price of a standard one week course
– 25% Bursary: 25% discount off the price of a standard one week course


Requirements: Be enrolled at one of Solemar’s partner institutions and provide proof of being granted the scholarship by your school


Deadline: There is no deadline, but availability is limited

dante alighieri e solemar
istituto di cultura



Berlin Ice Cream Week 2020 – GERMANY


There are many Italians living abroad who are strongly committed to spreading the Italian culture (not only the language) in the world. They often organize cultural events, festivals and competitions. We believe that these are things to be supported with concrete actions.
The guys who gravitate around Berlino Magazine do valuable work. In addition to teaching Italian with the Berlino Schule, they have started to support those realities that actually represent Italian culture in Germany. With the “True Italian” brand they organize cultural events with the aim of promoting Italian excellence such as the best pizza in Germany or the best ice cream in Berlin.


Scholarship description: Solemar is happy to be a partner of the 2020 edition of Berlin Ice Cream Week. Here you can find the rules to participate.

– Scholarship 100%: free Italian “standard course” of 1 week for two people.

true italian

AP – Italian language and culture – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


In the United States, numerous private (foundations) and public organizations (embassies, ICC, universities and others) invest considerable energy to stimulate the spread of the Italian language. Within this framework, the AP – Advanced Placement Program for young students interested in certifying their communication skills in Italian language and culture was established years ago. The course and the exam take place during the high school period but has university validity. Those who pass the exam can spend the credits in their degree course both in the USA and in Italy.
The exam is considered an instrument of primary importance for the Italian diplomatic network and every year, in the month of October, it is celebrated in the prestigious headquarters of the Italian Embassy in Washington DC. On that occasion, the best students also receive a scholarship at certain language schools in Italy. The scholarships are organized by EDUITALIA, an Italian association committed to promoting the Italian language sector abroad.


Scholarship description: scholarship awarded as part of the AP program – Italian language and Culture in the United States.

– 100% Scholarship: Solemar Academy offers the winner an all-inclusive scholarship (standard course and accommodation) lasting 3 weeks.

– More information: to participate follow the instructions given by the Italian Embassy in Washington.

ambasciata borse di studio

PRIA – Programme for the diffusion of the Italian language in Russia – RUSSIA


The P.R.I.A. Program is a program sponsored by the Italian diplomatic network in Russia and involves over 150 Russian institutes where the Italian language is taught. Similarly to the American AP Program, the PRIA Program aims at strengthening Italian culture abroad (Russia in this case) and provides scholarships to the winners of the 4 competitions organized by the Italian Embassy in Moscow. The winners will be awarded by the diplomatic network and the prizes will be awarded by EDUITALIA.


Scholarship description: scholarship awarded within the P.R.I.A. program.

– 100% Scholarship: Solemar Academy offers the winner an all-inclusive scholarship (standard course and accommodation) lasting 2 weeks.

– More information: more information available on the PRIA website

ambasciata mosca