General Conditions – Italian language school




Solemar Academy is a language school run by the company Solemar-Sicilia Cefalù S.r.l. [hereafter Solemar Sicilia] in Via M.C. Tomasini, 90015 Cefalù (PA), P.Iva 05436130826, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo as: School of Languages; Vacation Rental; Bookings for Tourist Services.

Solemar Sicilia is neither a tour operator nor a real estate agency. All the accommodation offered on the present website (with the exclusion of Villa Caterina) are not managed directly by Solemar Sicilia. All the leisure activities are not organized directly by Solemar Sicilia. In this regard every kind of legal liability has to be linked to the legitimate property owner/tour operator (who are using Solemar Sicilia as a publicity platform).

On September 19, 2014 the Language School obtained from the Regional Office of Studies [Ufficio Regionale allo Studio] and from the appropriate local Revenue Agency [Agenzia delle Entrate] the recognition of VAT exemption for all didactic educational activities (Prot. 2014 / C3 / 61900).

1- How to Book an Italian Course


1.1 – To book an Italian course, students may send a request at any time via the form on the website or by contacting the School at the e-mail address They will then receive a detailed offer with the price of the chosen course and of accommodation, if required.
1.2 – Once the offer is accepted, Solemar Academy will send the student a confirmation letter with the information necessary for payment. By requesting confirmation and paying the deposit, the student accepts these General Conditions, briefly reported in the confirmation letter.
1.3 – To definitively confirm the reservation, the student will have to pay the indicated deposit into the company account within 7 days.
1.4 – Bank commissions are always paid by the student.
1.5 – The amount of the deposit is at the discretion of the school but usually corresponds to 30% of the total reservation (the percentage may be higher for bookings in high season). The balance, unless otherwise agreed, must be paid 30 days before arrival (by bank transfer to the company’s account or by credit card).
1.6 – Students booking at the last minute are required to pay the full amount of the reservation, unless otherwise agreed.
1.7 – If the deposit is not paid in due time, Solemar Academy may consider the booking cancelled and may also charge a portion of the same to cover administrative costs.


2. – Description and Details of Italian Courses


2.1 – All our courses are comprised of units which constitute a 45-minute lesson.
2.2 – The prices of the courses are shown on the website and are updated for the current year.
2.3 – The school can apply, at its discretion, special discounts during limited periods of the year. Discounts are not retroactive or applicable to previous bookings.
2.4 – Group courses are offered on a weekly basis from March to December and start every Monday. Classes are always held from Monday to Friday.
2.5 – The school is closed for the following holidays: Easter Monday; Labour Day (May 1); Ferragosto (August 15); Christmas Eve (December 24); Christmas (December 25);  Saint Steven’s day (December 26), New Years (January 1), Epiphany (January 6).
2.6 – Possible lesson units lost on days when the school is closed are recovered in the remaining days of the same week.
2.7 – The start time of the standard courses is scheduled for 9:00, except during the busiest periods when it may be necessary to organise some classes into a second shift in the late morning or early afternoon. The school office will notify students in advance of any schedule changes.
2.8 – There is a break after the first two lesson units which lasts 15 minutes.
2.9 – The private hours of the combined courses and group hours of the intensive courses take place immediately after the end of the standard courses, after a short 10-minute break.
2.10 – Individual courses can also start at a different time if agreed in advance with the school’s secretarial staff.
2.11 – In the event that all the classrooms are occupied for activities of the standard courses in the first lesson period, any individual lessons will be scheduled during the second period, ie. at the end of group lessons. The school will communicate as soon as possible the start time of these private lessons to any interested students.
2.12 – Students receive the link to the placement test via e-mail approximately one week before their arrival. On Monday mornings, all new students are required to go to school at 8.30 to complete their registration. Upon arrival, they will be greeted with a small breakfast and will receive a welcome kit.
2.13 – Immediately after registration, the new students are called to have a short conversation with the teachers to allow them to better assess their level of knowledge of Italian, following which the groups are divided.
2.14 – Teaching material is selected by teachers on a week by week basis dependent on the level of students. Every Monday afternoon, immediately after the first lesson, each teacher prepares a syllabus for the week containing adapted texts, songs, exercises and activities which will be used during the lessons. The teacher establishes the program of the courses and can, if they deem it necessary, make variations during the program to consolidate or supplement the curriculum.
2.15 – In standard classes, if a quorum of at least 4 students are not present, the daily lesson units are reduced to:
2-3 students = 3 units per day
1 student = 2 units per day
2.16- If only one student is enrolled for an “intensive” course, this course will automatically be converted into a “combined” course. In this case, the student who has booked the “intensive course” as an educational leave will be assigned additional daily activities to do independently after class in order to reach the hours required for the educational leave
2.17 – The CLUB + Programs are confirmed with a minimum of 6 participants. The school reserves the right to communicate any changes and / or cancellation of the program within 4 weeks of the start date. The calendar of activities may change due to force majeure. Students who have not booked the program in its entirety can also participate in the activities included in the program.


3. – Accommodation


3.1 – The customer is required to notify Solemar of their arrival time in advance, to facilitate the delivery of the keys.
3.2 – Upon arrival, all customers who will be staying in our accommodation must provide a copy of an identity document which will then be sent to the local authorities for the mandatory anti-terrorism checks. Check-in, unless a specific agreement has been made to the contrary, cannot take place before 16:00.
3.3 – For check-ins made after 21:00, a surcharge of € 30.00 is applied.
3.4 – Upon receipt of the keys, the customer is obliged to settle any outstanding balance on their account and to provide the deposit indicated in the confirmation.
3.5 – The security deposit will be returned on the last day. Any additional costs (for example electricity costs, where previously agreed upon) and costs related to possible damages caused by the customer may be deducted from the security deposit.
3.6 – Check-out, unless a specific agreement has been made to the contrary, cannot take place after 10:00 am.
3.7 – Guests are obliged to respect the rules of the house and the surrounding structures at the entrance of each apartment.


4.- Cancellation of Booking


4.1 – In the event of the cancellation of a reservation it is necessary to send a written communication to Solemar Sicilia. For cancellations of language courses made up to 30 days prior the start date, the customer is entitled to a refund of the deposit from which the school will only deduct the registration fee (€ 50.00). Cancellations of language courses made less than 30 days prior to the start date, will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
Cancellations of accommodation made between 60 to 30 days prior to the start date, will incur a 50% cancellation fee. For cancellations made less than 30 days from the arrival date, a 100% cancellation fee will be applied. Solemar Sicilia reserves the right to apply, in special cases, different penalties.
4.2 – Solemar Sicilia advises guests to take out travel insurance which may protect you, in addition, against these costs.
4.3 – Once the registration for an Italian course has been completed, it is not possible to convert the course into a shorter one.
4.4 – If a student is absent from classes, or shortens their course after starting it, they have no right to recovery of the missed lessons.

5. – Insurance


5.1 – Solemar Academy is covered by an insurance policy for third party civil liability. In no event will Solemar Academy be held responsible for any theft and / or damage caused to third parties on due to circumstances within their control.
5.2 – Solemar Academy advises its customers to take out supplementary insurance policies which cover any costs arising from delays, cancellations and / or cancellations of flights. In addition, customers are advised to take out tourist insurance policies to reimburse costs deriving from any last minute cancellations.


6. – Visas


6.1 – Students interested in obtaining a visa to study in Italy can consult the page
6.2 – All expenses related to the issuing of the visa are the student’s complete responsibility.
6.3 – The school undertakes to send the registration certificate required for the visa once full payment of the booking has been made.
6.4 – The enrolment certificate issued by the school is only one of the documents required to obtain a visa and does not guarantee the success of the application.
6.5 – Once a student visa has been obtained, it is no longer possible to request cancellation of the course or change the dates of the course for which the visa was granted. Students are also obliged to attend; the school is therefore obliged to report unjustified absences to the competent authorities.
6.6 – Once in Italy, students in possession of a visa for study purposes of more than three months are obliged to submit, within 8 days of their entry into Italy, an application for a Permesso di Soggiorno (residence permit) to the Immigration Office of the Questura (Police Headquarters) responsible for their area of residence.
6.7 – In the event of a visa refusal, the student is required to request the reasons for the refusal directly from the embassy office that handled his application. If the visa application is not accepted, the student is entitled to a refund of the amount paid for enrolment on the course, from which only the registration fee (€ 100) will be deducted. To obtain a refund, the student must provide an official document proving the refusal.


7. – Use of Images and Feedback


7.1 – The student, by accepting these General Conditions, authorises the school to use any photos and videos taken during the course or extra activities organised by the school for informative and promotional purposes.
7.2 – The student, by accepting these General Conditions, authorises the school to use any given feedback or comment to monitor the quality of the educational offer.


8. – Handling of Personal Data


8.1 – The student is required to carefully read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy of the School.
8.2 – Owner and Data Controller is: Solemar Academy – Solemar-Sicilia Cefalù S.r.l., Via M.C. Tomasini 5 – 90015 Cefalù (Italia);  e-mail: 


9. – Video Surveillance


9.1 – For security reasons, the school is equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance system, covering both internal and external areas.
9.2 – Villa Caterina has a 24-hour video surveillance system which exclusively covers outdoor areas.
9.3 – The recorded images are available exclusively to law enforcement and may not be disclosed to any other third parties.


10. – Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination


10.1 – The school and all its staff are committed to ensuring the smooth running of educational activities in an environment free from any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination.
10.2 – All students are required to respect cultural, religious and sexual differences, as well as those of opinion.
10.3 – The School will inform all its employees and students of the rules which prohibit racist and discriminatory attitudes.
10.4 – The staff and the teaching faculty are committed to treating all students fairly, without any discrimination on the grounds of sex, nationality or religion.


11. – Expulsions


11.1 – The School reserves the right to carry out disciplinary proceedings which may also involve the expulsion of the student, in the event that any serious violation of the aforementioned rules is found.


12. – Resolution of Disputes and Complaints


12.1 – Students wishing to make a complaint about the school, courses or accommodation are required to promptly submit the nature of this, in writing, to the School’s management, in order to allow said management to find an appropriate solution to the problem.
12.2 – Any complaint will be taken into consideration only when it is presented to the school by the end of the course/stay, and after proper written communication.


13. – Acceptance of the Rules


13.1 – All registrations are subject to these General Conditions. These come into force automatically upon the sending of the confirmation letter, and payment of the deposit.