Leisure activities – Learn Italian in Italy




How’s this for an Italian leisure experience? Travel back to the time of Hercules, defy rumbling volcanoes, pass through small Sicilian seaside villages, explore the mysterious Madonie Park on horseback, take flight on a paraglider free as a bird…


All this awaits you at our language school in Italy. Recreation is top priority with us because students learn so much better when they are adventuring through the culture, history, and traditions that make up the Sicilian experience. With us you learn about not just vocabulary and grammar, but the whole of Sicily. We guarantee it!


Sicily is the perfect tourist destination. It has much more to offer than just the sea and ripe lemons. There is something for everyone in its splendid nature, whether glowing volcanoes or peaceful, calm waters – and those who love Italian cuisine are definitely in the right place. The Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, and Spaniards have all left their mark on Sicily’s colorful history. If you love art, tradition, and archaeological wonders then look no further.


Below you will find all the incredible ways you can spend your leisure time with us. All our leisure activities are authentic. Forget big, stuffy coach buses and tour guides waving flags. Our guests enjoy small groups visiting destinations at just the right time of day.


If you would like more information on leisure activities and the inside scoop about Sicily, the Trip Tipp blog is for you, created by some of our past guests.

Scuba diving

Guided Scuba diving near the protected area of Formica island

For further information visit Scuba diving.


Always wanted to be free as a bird? We make your wish come true.

For further information visit Paragliding.

Boat Tours

A trip to the Aeolian Islands or a nice boat tour along the coast of Cefalu?

For further information visit Boat tours.


Cefalu is a special place. Discover this charmful little city with us.

For further information visit Cefalu.


Palermo is an onion! Why? Make a tour with us through this vibrant city and find out why.

For further information visit Palermo.


Sicily is not only sun and sea. Discover the wilds of the Madonie Park.

For further information visit Nature.


Excursion to the ancient ruins of Solunto. Perfect location for stunning photos

For further information visit Archeology.

Cooking course

Basics of the Sicilian cuisine, preparation and dinner

For further information visit Sicilian cooking course.