Club Natura

Learning Italian and hiking in Sicily: Club Natura+

Entertaining and involving lessons in the morning, followed by hiking in Sicily, guided tours and walks in the woods – the perfect mix for an autumn holiday in Sicily!

This programme will run 1 week. For 2021 we have planned the following weeks: between 13 and 21 March and between 9 and 17 October. We chose these months primarily for the mild temperatures which are ideal for long walks in our mountains: the average temperature on the Madonie at this time hovers around 15°.

There are no age limits to register. The only requisites: a desire to improve your Italian language, comfortable shoes and enough energy to spend a few hours each day getting out and about in the fresh air!



DayMorningsAfternoonDuration and DifficultyMap and Elevation
Saturday and SundayArrivals
MondayItalian courseGuided tour of Cefalu excursion up the Rock3 hours - Difficulty: A
TuesdayItalian courseExcursion into the Madonie along the Path of the Agrifogli Giganti (Giant Holly)3 hours - Difficulty: BSEE ROUTE AND ALTIMETRY
WednesdayItalian courseExcursion to Piano Zucchi, an area with a large population of eagles and fallow deer3 hours - Difficulty: BSEE ROUTE AND ALTIMETRY
ThursdayItalian courseFree
FridayItalian courseExcursion to Gratteri, visit to the Grotto and on to the Abbey of San Giorgio and, finally, dinner3 hours - Difficulty: BSEE ROUTE AND ALTIMETRY
SaturdayExcursion in the Nebrodi ParkVisit to Lake Maulazzo and Lake Biviere6 hours - Difficulty: BSEE ROUTE AND ALTIMETRY



The Italian course begins on Monday morning and runs until Friday. Italian Classes are all held in the morning from 9 to 12 (subject to minor alteration).

This will be our Standard Italian Course, and you can learn more about our Italian teaching services here. The classes are divided by language level and some students who are not on the Natura+ Club programme will also participate. If you have a friend or relative who is interested in coming to Sicily with you but does not want to go on the excursions (or, on the other hand, does not want to take the course, you can ask us for more information and we will provide you with a quotation and full conditions).



The daily excursions are designed to be suitable for everyone, from novice to experienced hikers. In the table above you can find links to information about the altitudes and distances. These range from 7 to 15km. In the table we have also indicated the level of Difficulty (A – Easiest, B- Easy, C-Moderate).

Equipment: in order to properly enjoy the excursions, it would be advisable to bring comfortable trekking shoes, walking sticks, sunscreen and suitable clothing.

The Guide: the group will be guided by Dario Favognano, a trekking and hiking expert. He will be very familiar to friends of Solemar, as he has always been our point of reference for hikes and treks around this beautiful island. Dario is also a guide for large groups of motorcyclists touring around Europe and was, among other things, a national triathlon and mountain bike champion!


1. In the event that at least 6 participants are not registered 1 month before starting, the school will contact the enrolled students and communicate any possible changes which the program will undergo.

2. Students of all language levels can participate in the program.

3. The excursion calendar may change depending on weather conditions. The school will notify the members of any changes to the itinerary in good time.

4. The programme is priced as a single package. It is not possible to request reductions for no taking part to single activities. The present Terms and Conditions match with our General Conditions.


The programme costs 500€, plus an annual registration fee of 50€.

Accommodation is not included. To find out about our available residential options, take a look at this page of our site.



Booking is as simple as completing our online form and sending us your request.