New Program: Club 50+

At Solemar Academy we never stop!  Summer has only just finished but we’ve been taking advantage of these first few days away from the beach to sit down and design the new teaching programmes for 2019. Our first new addition is the CLUB 50+ Programme, tailored exclusively for students aged 50 and above.

The program will run from 9 to 16 March 2019 and includes a standard Italian course and 5 leisure activities. It’s the complete package, combining both lessons and activities in which you can socialize, practice and discover the places, stories and flavours of the island.


NEWS !!!


Thanks to the great success of the Program, we are happy to announce a new Club 50+ Program starting from the 27 of April to the 4th of May. The Program of activities remains similar. On Wednesday the 1st of May we will have together a special lunch in a traditional Agriturismo. On Friday, instead of the Sicilia Sconosciuta tour, we will visit the Archeological Site of Solunto.

Program of the week

09.03.19 – 16.03.19


Saturday and Sunday 09 and 10 March are set aside for arrivals.


We begin the program on Monday, March 11,  with the first day of school and a tour of Cefalù with the academy’s director Valerio, our guide and storyteller.


On Tuesday, March 12, we will travel to the Abbey of Sant’Anastasia for a wine tasting.  The abbey is an enchanting place which is symbolic of the ancient passion of the Sicilians for grapes and their precious nectar. White, red, rosé… each to their own!


Wednesday, March 13 is going to be an opportunity to learn the secrets of Sicilian cuisine in the company of our resident chef, Maria. The cooking class will end with a final dinner, because if you want to see the very best side of the Italians, sit down with them around a table!


On Thursday, March 14, we will take a night-time tour of Palermo. The city has a thousand faces and is constantly evolving. We will pass together through the streets, alleys and squares of its immense historical centre and discover its greatest hidden treasures.


Friday, March 15th we will explore some of the most beautiful villages of the Madonie National Park on the Undiscovered Sicily tour. Our expert guide Dario knows the Madonie like the back of his hand and is ready to share all its secrets and delights with you.


Saturday and Sunday we will say our goodbyes and depart.


All details including our general terms & conditions are available for download in this PDF.

Program of the week

27.04.19 – 04.05.19


Saturday and Sunday are set aside for arrivals.


Monday, April 29, Cefalu Tour


Tuesday, April 30, we will travel to the Abbey of Sant’Anastasia for a wine tasting.


Wednesday, May 1, lessons will be replaced by a special lunch in a Agriturismo in the Madonie Hills.


Thursday, May 2, Palermo by night Tour.


Friday, May 3, we will be visiting the Archeological Site of Solunto. The origins of city are phoenician. Later it became Greek and Roman. During the visit we will have the chance to see an ancient theater, a gymnasium, houses, mosaics and much more.


Saturday and Sunday we will say our goodbyes and depart.


All details including our general terms & conditions are available for download here.


The cost of the programme is 400€ plus an annual registration fee of 50€.

Accommodation is not included in the price.  To find out more about available accommodation options you can take a look at this page of the site.


Book the Programme

If you want to join our Club 50+ Programme, then just follow this link and fill in the application form.

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