Nature tours – Leisure activities in Sicily

Nature Tours



Sicily is more than food and the sea, it goes without saying. There are also natural landscapes here that will take your breath away – unlike any others in Italy. In the wintertime, you can go skiing in Madonie Park and encounter deer, wild boars, and golden eagles. Can you imagine any other Italian experience like this one?

And did you know that in Sicily you can find canyons with rivers and waterfalls that are routinely featured on television documentaries? Not to mention the desert landscapes, the mud volcanoes, caves, forests and more.

To see for yourself, join us on one of our Nature Tours.


Secret Sicily – discovering the hidden villages in Madonie


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The medieval villages of the Madonie are our destination on this journey through the natural world of Sicily. The park goes from the Cefalu seaside all the way to the highest mountains in Sicily where you can ski in winter. Our nature tour takes you into the Secret Sicily through the key medieval villages: Geraci Siculo, Gratteri, Sperlinga, Castelbuono and Pollina.

In Castelbuono you can try the award-winning Fiasconaro panettone, considered the best in the world, as well as other local delicacies like manna, the nectar of the gods. We visit the princely castle of Ventimiglia, recently restored and opened to the public. The tour continues with a stop at the incredible baroque chapel of St. Anne. In Gratteri, you get to enjoy not only the breathtaking panorama and the castle, but the spectacular caves. Sperlinga, too, has its own castle – but this one is carved into a mountain.

Our final stop: the Gole di Tiberio. This special place is unknown even to the locals. Here you can dip into the clear spring waters that wind through the mountain gorges.

Horseback riding – Nature and Fun


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The Madonie are a wonderful place to experience for yourself. The nature is still pristine and pure. To really take it in in a phenomenal way, why not see it on horseback?

Solemary Academy organizes trips between 2-5 hours in length. We start from just behind Cefalu in the hills and embark into the woods along dirt roads. En route you admire the scenery and are lulled by the rhythmic pace of the horse while the guide regales you with stories and tales. Above the hills you look back and enjoy the view toward Cefalu from a vantage point with its own secret charm.

Tours are conducted by true professionals with a lot of experience. Horseback riding – nature and fun – the best way to enjoy the sunrise or the sunset!

Soft Trekking in Nature




Are the crystal clear waters not enough for you? Don’t want to spend all your time down at the blissful beach? Soft Trekking through the majestic Madonie is the right thing for you.

We start from the medieval village of Gratteri, where our expert guide, Dario, will tell you a little about the country’s past.

From there we travel down the path to the historic ruins of the Abbey of San Giorgio and the impressive Rock of Monaco… Perhaps someone knows why it has this name?

Continuing down the 12 km of the route, we enter a beautiful forest of ancient cork trees and discover the old cottages of the shepherds.

The tour ends where it began – in Gratteri – but the adventure is not over! With a little bit of time, you can still visit the spectacular Gratteri caves, a magical site where nature fully appears in its power and elegance.

With one last look at the valley, we enjoy a well-deserved drink at Marsala watching the sunset.

To finish it off, we have a hearty dinner of delicious local fare including pizzas and Sicilian cannoli.