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Cooking Classes


As everyone knows, eating in Italy is a delight. And in Sicily, you eat even more – and better! Sicilian cooking represents the best of Italian cuisine.

All the different culinary traditions of the Mediterranean come together in Sicilian cuisine. It’s why Sicilians typically avoid junk food – because their own food is so authentic and so good. Traditional recipes favor fish over meat. Sicilian families prepare dishes constantly with fresh fruits and vegetables, which thanks to the climate can be found all year – often within a kilometer of the family home. Other countries and region aspire to this kind of dream ecology, which in Sicily has always been a secret reality.
Of course, Sicily also gives the world some of its finest sweets. Traditional Sicilian pastries are highly original, combining more northern European traditions with Arab and Mediterranean influences and local ingredients.


Solemar Corsi di Cucina


To introduce you to this vast world of fascinating cooking, each week Solemar Academy organizes cooking classes at our Villa Caterina in Cefalu. Our chef, Maria Carnivale, will reveal many secrets of the Sicilian cooking tradition.

scuola cucina cefaluOur classes include an introduction to the history of the cuisine, seasoned with many anecdotes, and continue on to the preparation of a variety of dishes. And finally of course, we all eat together! We also enjoy good Sicilian wine.


scuol cucina s cefaluIf you are in a hurry and are interested in buying some authentic Sicilian local fare while in Cefalu, visit FoodSicilyMarket. There you can find an excellent selection of wine and local products. FoodSicilyMarket is also part of AddioPizzo and SlowFood!