Archaeology – Leisure activities in Sicily



SoluntoAre you fascinated by ancient ruins and the wonders of a lost world? See yourself as Indiana Jones? Of all the Mediterranean sites and in all of Italy, Sicily is the right place for you. See the lost Italian civilizations of the old world for yourself.


Ancient Greek cities and Roman temples, Saracen towers and fortifications – your vacation in Sicily will make you touch myth and ancient history.



Archaeological Park at Solunto


The Solunto trip is very popular with our students. Few tourists are even aware of the place, though the locals know better. Solunto is a paradise for anyone interested in archaeology. It is located between Cefalu and Palermo on a hilltop with a breathtaking view. Its origins date back to the Phoenician period. During that time, Solunto along with Mozia and Palermo were the most important cities in Sicily.

Solunto 2Today, the site is luckily missed by tour operators, so the beauty and historic brilliance can be fully enjoyed. The city’s urban layout is still very visible. Streets, homes, the gymnasium, villas, squares and more all are all visible, including the temple and the beautiful Greek theater. During its history, Solunto had many rulers, notably the Greeks and the Romans. Signs of all these stages of occupation can still be found. In all, Soluno is a lovely place to visit and a comfortable alternative to the more popular destinations of Agrigento and Valley of the Temples.
Tutti questi elementi fanno di Solunto un posto incantevole da visitare e un’alternativa molto valida rispetto a mete molto più gettonate come ad esempio Agrigento e la Valle dei Templi.