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Thanks to its parent company, Solemar Sicilia, Solemar Academy enjoys years of partnerships with local businesses, some of the most important in Cefalu. Our partnerships offer sizable discounts for our visitors to Italy. Even more, we are proud of the contacts we have made with students of the Italian language that come to us from all over the world. The loyalty we have earned here at our exceptional school in Cefalu, Sicily is worth a lot.


These rewards have been earned with passion and heart, and as result, it has brought us recognition in prestigious magazines, guidebooks, television specials, and blogs.


The famous guidebook Sicily, published by Michael Mueller Verlag, is carefully updated every year and includes the latest news and activities we offer for our students.


German blogger Britta Bohn, tireless promoter of our region, has fully embraced our working philosophy and created a travel blog devoted to Sicily, Trip-Tipp, whose template inspired Solemar Sicilia.


An article in the popular magazine Freundin virtually overflowed our mailbox with a skyrocketing number of reservations at our residence at Villa Caterina.


The educational travel industry’s leading publication, Study Travel Magazine, did an interview with our director at the end of 2015 to talk about the state of the industry in the Bel Paese. Check out the article and tell us what you think.


We have many associations with foreign high schools that have continued over many years. In particular, two German high schools, Baden Frauengasse and Borg Wiener Neustadt, return every year to our Italian language school in Cefalu. Here is a report on their 2013 study holiday.


Flight attendants and Lufthansa pilots continuously participate in our courses. Thanks to the Bildungsurlaub, they are able to combine education, entertainment and leisure in a quality school.


We have also been mentioned in: Geo Saison, Welt am Sonntag, Die Zeit, Die Welt, Frankfurter Rundschau, Motorrad-Reisen, FÜR SIE, ADAC-Motorwelt, Brigitte, Faz, DM, Geldidee.


We were actively involved in the production of a feature the popular German TV show Punkt 12 did on Sicily.


Solemar Academy Card 2

La Galleria Restaurant

We have enjoyed a partnership with this fine restaurant for many years. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Cefalu, it takes great care to please its customers and is part of our Solemar Academy Card club, where members get a 10% discount.


Il Normanno – Ristorante

The restaurant with the soul of a Norman tavern, but the quality of a refined restaurant. Our students get 10% off.


Pizzeria Lo Scoglio ubriaco

In the historic center, Lo Scoglio ubriaco is a traditional Cefalu pizzeria. Even more special is that the pizza is made with a wood stove. Students: 10% discount.


Locanda del Marinaio

If you are looking for a restaurant whose speciality is fish, then you must stop at La Locanda del Marinaio. Students: 10% discount.


Cortile Pepe – Restaurant & Cocktail bar

Gourmet cuisine, delicious cocktails and easygoing environment. Students: 10% off.


Food Sicily Market

Without doubt the higher-quality market in Cefalu. Sicilian food and a lot of friendliness. Students: 10% discount.


Enoteca Petit Tonneau

Le Petit Tonneau is a nice wine bar, but what distinguishes it from all the rest is its terrace. Some call it the best spot in Cefalu. Excellent location for an aperitif at sunset. Students get 15% off.


Cinema Astro

Cefalu’s cinema just a few steps from Solemar Academy. Reduced admission for students.


Lido Apollo

Probably the most energetic of all the seaside spots. Students: 20% discount on sunchairs and umbrellas.


Parrucchieri Sansica

Sansica beauty salon provides complete body care: cutting, styling, color and cosmetic service. Students get a 15% discount on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (minimum charge 15 euro)

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