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Scuba diving


immersioni-scuba-diving-siciliaImagine plunging into the cool water and finding yourself scuba diving in the ancient waters of Sicily’s deep-water paradise. Float in the quiet depths while starfish, anemones, monkfish, octopi – all the wonders of Sicilian ocean life pass by including Nemo and his little friends.

This is what we do at Solemar Academy in Cefalu, Sicily. Change just a few details and discover a completely different world. You will find even more unexpected treasures. Let yourself be surprised…

meer-santa-flaviaOur scuba diving experience gives you a different view of the world, thanks to the magicians at Blue Shark Diving.

Under their professional and responsible guidance, guests with us dive into a fascinating crystal-clear underwater universe hidden near the island of Formica and Cape Zafferano. You can also visit the unique underwater kingdoms of Arco Azzurro and Castello di Solanto.

Haven’t gotten your open water diving license? That’s not a problem. We offer scuba diving courses for all levels, beginners and advanced. immersioni-scuba-diving-sicilia-2For beginners, we offer the ‘sea baptism’ (an hour-long test dive) from 35,00. But if you are already certified, you can simply follow with the instructors using the best equipment Blue Shark Diving has to offer.


Just remember: diving with us is not just for meeting Nemo’s friends, but for visiting rugged coves, underwater canyons, and places of ancient history. Only in Sicily can you enjoy this kind of dive – and ours is the best underwater experience in Sicilian seas. It’s the ultimate Italian vacation – a dive you don’t want to miss!