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Paragliding – Free as a bird


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Everybody dreams of flying.
And we make it happen.


Nothing is better than paragliding. And you can enjoy it on your Italian vacation. Slowly and calmly, you will glide above a colorful Sicilian village lit up by sunlight and breathe the fresh summer air. Paragliding with us is one of the freshest experiences in Italy, opening up to a brand new vision of life. The panorama of mountains and the sea is something you will never forget.


Paragliding is safe

However it looks, the chance of an accident in a glider is much smaller than being in a car accident. And with us, the chances are even smaller: we follow a strict ‘safety first’ policy by flying only in perfect weather. In Italy, anyone who wants to be in a glider alone has to be a trained pilot, have a medical certificate and flight insurance. And pilot training is just as strict as in the UK or Germany, if not more so.


Paraglide without a license

You just said it wasn’t possible! Actually you can – pilots are allowed to take one passenger. Flying in tandem, you get to float through the air free as a bird while the pilot takes care of all the details! Even if you are afraid of heights – and maybe to overcome your fears – paragliding is an enjoyable and freeing experience: it is totally controlled, a floating and then a controlled, steady descent.
Your paragliding pilot is like a conductor. He is a member of the Italian Air Club, is state-certified, and is approved for passenger transport. You are even covered by accident insurance.


Take-off – there are three different take-off points: Pollina, Lascari, and Cefalu. The departure place depends on wind direction.


Landing – Your gentle landing will be right on the beach of Cefalu, Lascari, or Pollina. Under some wind conditions, you may end up right where you took off.


Price – tandem flight € 100,00 including transfer from the take-off point and Cefalu and a video of your memorable experience for your friends and family to enjoy!