English courses – Language classes in Cefalu

English courses in Cefalù

The Solemar Academy is a cultural center that sees the world with a 360-degree perspective. So we decided to expand our offering to include teaching English.

We felt the decision was necessary because where we live and work – Cefalu – is strongly involved with tourism from visitors from around the world, and knowledge of English, both for young people and local businesses, is increasingly necessary.

The methodology used in our English classes is the same that we use in our Italian courses. We employ the communicative approach, focusing on the pragmatic dimension of language with special attention given to the socio-cultural aspects.

Since 2014 we have also been an accredited Trinity examination center. Trinity certifications are extremely useful in the professional world for certifying your level of English, but is also useful is measuring the progress of your studies. In addition, many universities recognize this certification as equivalent to their own examinations. At some institutions the certificate is also transferable as course credit.

General English

The General English course is geared to students who want to improve their language skills in a comprehensive manner. All four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) are explored in a systematic way.

At the beginning of the course a placement test is administered. Based on the results, each student is assigned to his or her appropriate level. There are 6 levels available (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and the minimum age for attending the course is 14 years.

This course is primarily intended for those who wish to participate in examinations for language certification. Solemar Academy is a centre for Trinity examinations, but our team can also prepare students for other tests including TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge and others.

Duration: 3 months from October to January. Two sessions a week for a total of 36 hours. Minimum three participants.

Price: € 399.00 + € 50.00 Registration Fee. The fee (payable only once) includes: teaching materials, school bag and gadgets, Wi-fi at school.

Conversational English

“Conversational English” is an intensive course that focuses mainly on the improvement of two specific skills: listening and speaking.

The course is intended for individuals who already have prior knowledge of the English language. There is heavy emphasis on understanding and communication skills. Exercises will be oriented towards simulations of real situations.

The teacher will carefully choose activities that meet the needs and expectations of the students. Exercises could include: presenting yourself at a job interview, answering the phone, giving directions, describing the activities of which deals with a company, to present a school project, and more.

Ultimately, the course is aimed at high school students or others who want to have an experience abroad, local tour operators, and workers who want to move out of Italy.

Duration: 2 months from October to December. Two meetings a week for a total of 24 hours. Minimum three participants.

Price: € 299.00 + € 50.00 Registration Fee. The fee (payable only once) includes: teaching materials, school bag and gadgets, Wi-fi at school.

Private lessons

Instead of group courses, you can also opt for an individual course.

A single 60-minute lesson only costs € 35.00.

A package of 10 individual lesson-hours, scheduled at suitable times, costs only € 250.00.

A package of 10 hours “double” (teacher plus two students) has a cost of € 160.00 per student.

Our teacher

Our teacher is a native English speaker from Australia who is a professional teacher of English. She has extensive experience in exam preparation for TOEFL, IELTS and Trinity. She holds a TESOL certificate and has a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of New England.