Boat tours – Leisure activities in Sicily

Boat Tours


Ahoy! Set sail – with a first-rate motorboat over the crystal-clear waters of Sicily. Stunning views and tans guaranteed on this best of Italian holidays. Some of the greatest wonders of Italy.




The boat trip takes about three hours with flexibility on request. Of course, we only travel on calm seas and also provide a small refreshment (it is an Italian pleasure voyage). Those who would like to snorkel and discover a bit of the underwater world can do so. Captain Fabrizio always has extra goggles, flippers, and snorkels for the guests. You are welcome to bring your own equipment, too.


The boat tour is always a highpoint for our guests. Don’t miss it!

Aeolian Islands


StromboliSecret little coves, deserted beaches, waters of turquoise and volcanoes that bubble – not so bad, right?

The Aeolian Islands are a small paradise on earth. You will come home with dozens of picture-perfect photos, we guarantee it. Almost nothing in Italy is as scenic and as breathtaking – the Aeolians represent the raw, wild nature of the original Sicily.


You can take trips to the Aeolians almost every day. Depending on the route, the trip length varies. The shortest and cheapest trip is the tour of Alicudi and Filicudi, the smallest islands. The ship sets sail in the early morning from the port of Cefalu and returns home in the late afternoon.


Stromboli 3On Lipari and Vulcano secret coves and beautiful caves await. On this excursion you can bathe in crystal clear tropical waters. At sunset the boat returns home.


The longest trip goes to Salina, Panarea and Stromboli. On this trip you come back quite late. The special reason is that on this excursion you get to watch the volcano erupt at sunset. A fiery spectacle – it’s breathtaking and unique.


All excursions leave from the port of Cefalu between May and the end of October.