Team – stories, background and qualifications


As a child I was fascinated by Peter Pan and his “Neverland”. I believe that this is because I was born into a bilingual family (with a German father and an Italian mother). During my undergraduate studies I lived and visited many places around the world – Bologna, Berlin and Sydney have all been my home. I realized during this time that to travel and get a real feel for a country and a foreign culture, you have to know the language. It is for this reason that I strongly believe in the mission of Solemar Academy. A young school, curious and open-minded. A little bit like Sicily, which is, of course, our own beautiful “Neverland”!


Ciao, I’m Julia. I have taught Italian to foreigners for many years at Solemar. Although my hair and my eyes might confuse you about my origins, I swear they are 100% Sicilian. My children claim to have a very young mother, and I think it is really true. I attended high school in Cefalu and studied at the Department of Humanities in Palermo. Teaching Italian to foreigners is wonderful because it gives me the opportunity to travel the world while staying on firm ground.


I am Eliana, born and raised in Cefalu. I love the sights, the sea, and the pizza. I majored in modern literature because I really love literature. Working at Solemar Academy I learned that transmitting the linguistic and cultural experience of a country goes both ways. It’s wonderful to see how one can grow with one’s students.


Andre Camilleri was referring to people like me when he used the phrase the “bedrock of Sicily“. In fact, I have always lived in Sicily and that is where I have my beautiful family. It is also here that I have cultivated my love for animals and music. I would call myself sociable and self-deprecating. I have contributed at Solemar for many years, and today I continue this journey with the same desire and happiness I had on the first day.